Lakowe Lakes

The Problem

To overhaul the brand’s perception among existing customers and prospective clients. The primary goal was to strategically restructure how the brand was perceived, aiming for a renewed and compelling luxurious identity.


In addressing the brief, our process involved a comprehensive examination of various aspects and focal points crucial for effective communication with our target audience. We initiated changes in Lakowe’s brand identity by redesigning the logo for enhanced communicability. This included an overhaul of the logo’s visual appearance, tone of voice, and typography. We also scrutinized the patterns, ensuring they aligned seamlessly with the brand’s new image.


As a final step in our journey, we conceptualised and brought to life a TV commercial featuring the esteemed veteran actress Shaffy Bello. This cinematic creation serves as a powerful means to convey our refined brand message, combining visual appeal with the seasoned talent of Shaffy Bello to effectively communicate Lakowe Lakes’ unique proposition.

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